The KP420tm provides fully automated controls and inspection of printed web thanks to high resolution line scan cameras and state of the art image processing. This standalone system is installed in line at the output of continuous monochrome / colour ink jet printers.

KP420tm into your production line. And still, everything is integrated into one tower housing: web transport, line scan cameras, illuminants, encoders, sensors, processing units, 23” touch screen operator interface.


Technical characteristics

  • Cameras up to 16,000 pixels per side
  • Simplex / duplex configurations
  • Width up to 600 mm
  • Synchronous display of pages
  • One up, two up
  • Images / faulted areas storage
  • Logo controls, OCR, 1D / 2D decoding
  • Detection of missing jets, coulures
  • Position control
  • Database matching, front / back matching
  • Programmable stop printer signal
  • Interface with mail inserters for automated ejection of faulted

Possibilities and applications

  • Output print inspection of web printer for print factories
  • Output print inspection for security documents, lottery

Application fields

send Mail and print houses