The DMD100™ deposition system is fitted with one or two devices for deposition of fluidic materials on 200x200 mm planar substrates or up to 40 mm high 3D objects utilizing a disposable cartridge. Thanks to its table top configuration and innovative deposition technology, it is cost effective and easy-to-use.

Technical characteristics

  • Minimum track width 30µm
  • Viscosity rangee from 20 cps to 5 000 cps
  • 2D multi-layer design and print software
  • UV curing,
  • Laser measurement
  • Vacuum flat bed, heating
  • Camera inspection
  • One or two digital dispensers

Possibilities and applications

Equipment suitable for Lab, prototyping or small quantities

  • Electronics : PCB multi layers, RFID, batteries, smart plastics
  • Patterned coating for industry
  • Cell and biological fluids patterning

Application fields

memory Printed electronics
nfc PCB and NFC