The PN300-MICR™ compact industrial printer prints by inkjet, online or on its own, the MICR - CMC7 codes on check letters and sheet checks in A4 or A3 format.

The MICR inkjet head is dynamically positioned on the printing area to adapt to the layouts. It is equipped with tracking and integrity control.

Options: layout editing , machine interfaces, eject bin, feeder and stacker, camera inspection are available.

Technical characteristics

  • Inkjet MICR black
  • Magnetic ink aqueous. No additional dryer
  • Résolution 600 dpi
  • Flow rate: 130 sheets A4/mn
  • Dynamic positionning of the print head
  • Display 21 "
  • Dimensions: H 1600mm x L 100mm x P 1000mm
  • Software Smart VDG: graphic layout, rendering, codes 1D,2D, CMC7, texts, graphics
  • Software Smart KPM: spooling, interface opérateur, maintenance
  • Software Kontrol Vision: read & print

Possibilities and applications

La solution PN300 s'adapte directement en sortie d'imprimante couleur pour former par exemple une solution digitale d'impression de lettres chèques.

Les documents de sécurité bénéficient de l'impression en encre magnétique afin d'augmenter la protection contre la contrefaçon.

Application fields

print Printing