The third generation of PN400-X™ compact industrial printer, prints by inkjet, in-line, at the backend of mail inserters, in full color, regardless of machine throughput.
Fitted with KEOS-X inkjet head, it  dynamically adapts to the thickness of the mail pieces in order to maintain the best print quality and the productivity of the inserter. The PN400-X™ achieves unprecedented levels of productivity: up to 26,000 mails per hour.

The PN400™ printer meets all on line envelope customization requirements from the market. It can also be setup as in stand alone with different feeder, prepress and postpress  accessories in many applications.

Technical characteristics

  • CMYK or monochrome inkjet
  • Aqueous or UV based inks
  • Resolution up to 600 dpi, 3 drops sizes
  • Maximum speed 150 m/mn
  • Dynamic thickness compensation
  • Touchscreen
  • Dimensions: H 1500mm x W 1150mm x D 900m
  • Smart VDG, graphic layout, 1D, 2D codes, graphics, texts, variable data
  • Smart KPM, spooling, operator interface, maintenance, read & print

Possibilities and applications

  • In standalone with feeder and stacker
  • Online at the end of enveloping...


  • Postal marking, addressing
  • Logo printing, commercials
  • Variable data printing
  • Notices, transpromo
  • Packaging, cartons, envelopes
  • Closed materials PET, PVC, Aluminium
  • Decors printing

Application fields

print Printing
send Mail and print houses