KEOS™ inkjet printing technology delivers monochrome or colour CMYK at a very low cost per page. It is suited for many applications : personalisation of documents, numbering, address printing, advertising, labeling, transactional purposes.

KEOS™ printing systems are intented to machines cutomization in order to design high speed and cost effective solutions.

The technology can be seamlessly taylored to custom configurations :

UV curable ink for pvc, pet, coated stocks, uncoated stocks.

UV curable selective clear varnish, UV curable UV fluorescent ink.

Aqueous based ink, for uncoated stocks, offset paper, inkjet paper.

Full CMYK Color printing is achieved by multiplying print modules in four rows of print modules, one for each color.

KEOS™ technology integrates the print head, cleaning and capping, Y and Z motorized axis, gantry, all that into a slim slice architecture

Technical characteristics

  • Single pass technologie DoD Piezo
  • Print width upto 440 mm per slice
  • Resolution upto 1200 dpi 3 drop sizes
  • Speed upto 400 m/mn
  • Any combination of slices to acheive appropriate dedicated print width and number of colours
  • Smart VDG, graphic layout, 1D, 2D codes, graphics, texts, variable data.
  • Smart KPM, spooling, operator interface, maintenance, read & print

Possibilities and applications

  • Print factories and mail factories
  • Parcels
  • Packaging
  • Lottery
  • Security printing
  • Printed electronics
  • Pharma
  • Industry

Application fields

memory Printed electronics
print Printing
send Mail and print houses