Leading innovation

At KELENN Technology we manufacture solutions for printed electronics, automated vision, inkjet printing and supervision software for industrial production centers.

Our systems print, count, identify, measure, track products in real time on the fastest manufacturing lines of factories.


Multi layers PCB 24 October 2021

KELENN Technology demonstrates key benefits of its technology for prototyping multi-layered rigid PCBs.

Software solutions

Software solutions for production centers


Inkjet printing solutions for production centers.


Solutions to produce PCB and NFC devices by inkjet

Mail and print houses

Supervision, postal and parcel shipment, integrity and data based matching, indicia and address printing, printing monochrome and colour, vision inspection, returned mail.


Vision automation by cameras for reading, tracking, control, inspection of the productions for industrial centers

Printed electronics

Processes for digital inkjet printing of conductors, semiconductors and active materials for electronics.