The VNODE300™ is an industrial system for inspection and control by vision. Its advanced technologies of image sensors, lighting, multithreading multi processor, integrated I/O and automation processing makes it a particularly straightforward tool. Its gigabit network architecture and its full featured interface and reporting functionalities are preferred by many manufacturers.

The Kontrol Vision software suite includes both an easy-to-use operator interface and additional functions tailored to specific applications.

Technical characteristics

  • Reads all codes full field:1D, 2D, OCR
  • Extreme length of codes
  • Defect analysis
  • Integration into production lines
  • Configurable automation
  • High reliability of reading
  • Accessories and specialized software applications
  • Line scan or array sensors technology
  • Upto four sensors
  • High resolutions, High throughput sensors
  • Integrated or external LED flash
  • Linux operating system
  • Integrated logic analyzer
  • Industrial design, high reliability

Possibilities and applications

  • Reading and integrity control of postal codes on mailpieces
  • Quality control of print
  • Position control
  • Integrity control, duplex
  • Ink jet inspection : missing jet, stitching, color registration, position
  • Images archiving and logging
  • Read & Print
  • Print & Verify
  • Data based matching
  • Control assembly of mailpieces
  • Batch separation, counting, sequence control, duplicate control, divert, tracking

Application fields

send Mail and print houses