KSCAN-PE400tm digital printer for functional electronic ink allows manufacturers to shorten time to market, create new products and move to production with a single, unified process. Thanks to the combination of additive technology developped by KELENN Technology for conductive, dielectric, and organic ink with photo sintering and curing on line, multiple functional layers can be printed on polymide, PET, paper... 

Full featured. With feeder, stacker, multiple inkjet heads, automated sheet registration,software preprocessing, post processing, drop watcher and more optionnal features, the KSCAN-PE400 bridges the gap from laboratory to medium size production.

Technical characteristics

  • Unlimited number of layers to be printed drop on drop with a resolution of 20 µm. 
  • Multiple passes and large vacuum flat bed to handle automatically or manually substrates upt to A3+ size 
  • High speed processing down to 500 ms per pass. 

Possibilities and applications

  • RFID, NFC,... Antennas,
  • Flexible printed circuit board,
  • ITO Replacement films,
  • Arrays of electrodes,
  • Ink formulation,
  • Process caracterisation

Application fields

memory Printed electronics